Meat and Beer Fest Coozies

Meat and Beer Fest Coozies

13 beers, 6 shots, and 5 different types of meat had me in a very thankful mood. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I had a lot to be thankful for. Thankful to be back in Kansas despite the 20 degree temperature drop from our parking spot in Las Vegas. Thankful to be drinking the local Kansas and Nebraska beers that we can’t get when traveling outside the mid west. Most importantly, thankful to be spending the day with the friends that we left behind when hit the road over four years ago.

Meat and Beer Fest is an annual event held by our friends Rob and Jen. Rob gets up at the crack of dawn and starts smoking, cooking and serving all kinds of meat over the next 14 hours. Guests bring beers from all over to drink and share while somehow maintaining very little overlap in beer brands.
Meat and Beer Fest

It was the 10th anniversary of the gluttonous event and I was tasked with designing the logo for this year’s party favor, a coozie. There were certain requirements, but it was pretty much an open book to create something …. With such a celebration of excess I wanted to make it more interactive…

It ends up being a physical record of your experience and a reminder of the goods time with good friends.

Meat and Beer Fest tallies


When people ask what we miss the most about the stationary life Maria is always quick to answer, “our friends from back home”.

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